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#04 The Point

Silversonic Silversonic Snorkel
Agincourt Reef 4 - Site 04
Maximum 25 metres
Novice to Intermediate
15-30 metres, Average 20m
Red Bass, Giant Clams, Great Visibility

Located on the very South Western point of Agincourt Reef #4 this is a transition zone between two very different reef environments.

Here divers enter the water in a protected lagoon environment with colourful coral gardens before making their way around the point to drift along a deep water wall bordering the channel that exists between Agincourt reef #4 and Agincourt reef #3. Visibility here is generally good to great.

This is a great big fish dive with schools of Red Bass, Big eye Trevally and Silver Drummer. A school of Barracuda is often seen a little further around the Point as one makes their way along the wall. Both Grey and White Tip Reef Sharks can be seen further along the wall.

Throughout the dive large schools of Unicorn fish, Anthias and Fusiliers are encountered. Sandy patches host several large Sea Cucumber species with the GBR’s largest species, the Pineapple Sea Cucumber one of the most common.

For the non diver the sheltered lagoon area is a favorite snorkeling area where non divers can get up close and personal with large Sweetlips, Maori Wrasse and Giant clams. Almost every species of Parrot fish found on the GBR can be seen in this area.

The coral gardens here and on the adjacent reef flat are diverse and colourful. More adventurous snorkellers who make there way around the point have the opportunity to see all that the divers experience all be it from some distance above.

*For each individual dive site we have listed the main marine life that you're most likely to see at this location. It is a guide only and is subject to mother nature. Click on the links under 'Marine Life' to view.

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Site Maps #04

The Point

Site #04 - Marine Life

  • Red Bass
  • Giant Clams
  • Sea Cucumber
  • Anemones
  • White Tip Sharks
  • Deep Wall
  • Parrot Fish
  • Maori Wrasse

(We have listed the marine life most likely encountered at this site as a guide only)

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