Snorkel Safety Advice

Snorkel Safety Information

You will be required to complete a safety waiver prior to dive and snorkel activities.

  • Your crew will do their utmost to ensure your safety during all of the day’s activities, however, all swimming and snorkelling is undertaken at your own risk.

  • If you have a medical condition please advise the crew or lifeguard.

  • Do not consume alcohol and eat only in moderation before snorkelling or diving.

  • Always snorkel with a partner. Ask a travel companion to be your “snorkelling buddy”. Children should always be accompanied by an adult.

  • If you experience difficulty, signal the lifeguard by waving one or both arms above your head and call out for help.

  • Please always listen carefully to instructions and follow the advice from the lifeguard.

  • If diving below the surface, look up when ascending and place your hands above your head to protect against collisions.

  • One long blast on the ship’s horn is a signal to recall all snorkellers from the water.

Important Advice

  • The Queensland Government advises that diagnosed or undiagnosed medical conditions pose an increased risk to older age snorkellers and that precautions are recommended.

  • Be aware of your own physical limitations and swimming ability and do not exceed these. Water depth and Marine Park regulations prevent swimmers from resting on the ocean floor or coral reef.

  • Snorkelling can be a strenuous activity and you will be exerting yourself more than usual. If you are older age, or suffer from heart disease, asthma, lung complaints, epilepsy, diabetes, any allergies or any other medical condition which can be made worse by physical exertion, you should take special caution and inform our lifeguards of your situation and snorkel in an area that allows closer supervision. Flotation devices are recommended and should be worn by older age persons and those with medical conditions or poor swimming ability.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority – WHSQ – Workplace Health and Safety Queensland

“Snorkelling and diving demand fitness and swimming sills. Harsh conditions amplify the inherent risks of these activities.

You must disclose any/all: allergies, pre-existing medical conditions, medications, recent surgeries or injures to the crew. It might just save your life. It’s also a legal requirement – fines of more than $3,700 apply for falsifying a medical disclosure form. Your safety, first.”