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Coral Spawning Night Dives with Silverswift!

It’s been described as “sex on the reef” and Silverswift will once again be conducting Coral Spawning Night Dives for certified divers to experience this unique natural annual phenomenon, predicted to occur (but not guaranteed) by our Reef Biosearch marine biologist experts around 22 - 24 November.

Travelling aboard our luxury dive and snorkel catamaran Silverswift to Great Adventures’ Norman Reef platform, certified divers will be able to experience two fully guided night dives while a guided snorkel tour is available for experienced snorkellers. If you are travelling with non-diving companions, the underwater observatory is a great spot to get a diver’s view!

In addition to the chance to witness coral spawning, exciting night dives present the opportunity to see a whole new cast of nocturnal reef life.

Coral Spawning was first scientifically witnessed 30 years ago by several marine biologists working on the Great Barrier Reef. It’s Mother Nature’s way of maintaining a consistently robust coral gene pool. Predicting when this will occur is not an exact science but does rely on several environmental cues. The ocean temperature needs to be 26 degrees celcius or above for the month before for the gametes to mature. Secondly, they will generally reproduce 4 to 6 nights after the full moon in November or December when there is little tidal movement. Thirdly, it will generally be about 2-3 hours after the sun sets, because it’s nice and romantic!, but more importantly most of the plankton feeders will be asleep, giving the eggs more time to settle to the relative safety of the reef.

For more information about Coral Spawning from our Quicksilver Reef Biosearch Manager, Russell Hore click here.

Here is a clip from when Channel Nine's Today Weekend Show experienced Coral Spawning with Silverswift in 2011:


  • Return fast catamaran cruise, departing from Cairns Reef Fleet Terminal
  • For Certified Divers: 2 x guided night dives
  • For Snorkellers: Guided snorkel tour (experienced snorkellers only)
  • All dive gear including wetsuits and torches.
  • Prescription masks available at no extra cost
  • Meal inclusions:

- On boarding: Tea/coffee, focaccias
- In between Dives: Hot soup and breads, tea/coffee
- After Dives: Sumptuous hot dinner and dessert
- Return journey: Cheese & cracker biscuits.


Check-in at Silverswift counter, Cairns Reef Fleet Terminal
Vessel boarding
Depart Cairns, Cruise non-stop to the Outer Reef
Arrive Norman Reef platform.
First dive / snorkel tour
Second dive / snorkel tour
Hot and cold buffet dinner
Depart Reef.
Arrive back into Cairns - exhilarated!

2013 Price Guide:
Coral Spawing dives for 2013 have finished. Stay tuned with us on facebook to find out when coral spawing with occur in 2014.



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