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#12 The Gardens

Agincourt Reef 2 - Site 12
Maximum Depth 10 metres
Shallow lagoon + Drift dive
Novice - Intermediate
12 - 30 metres, average 20m
Drift dive, mass of boulder corals

Shallow lagoon site with a mass of boulder corals scattered over the bottom. We often drift this site allowing us to see a large area of reef. The current also means the visibility is often exceptional.

Protected from waves from almost all directions The Gardens are located in the back reef lagoon of the northern end of Agincourt Reef 2b. The sheltered nature of this site produces one of the most diverse and colourful coral gardens to be found within the Agincourt reefs. Large and ancient Boulder corals are scattered throughout this site where ridges covered in a colourful array of plate, shrub and soft corals reach out from the inner reef edge. The plate coral communities here are some of the most magnificent we have seen.

A shallow dive, the current here runs along the reef edge providing great visibility and the ability to cover a large area in a single dive. The excellent visibility and colourful coral gardens make for great wide-angle photographic oportunities.

Colourful Parrotfish graze the shallows. Butterflyfish and gaudy Wrasse make their living amongst the coral gardens, while Goatfish and Sweetlips forage in the sand and rubble in between. During summer this is a popular nesting and display area for Triggerfish. These guys can certainly add some spice to a dive. The abundance of baitfish means there is always a chance of encountering large pelagic fish or Reef Sharks. Giant Maori Wrasse call The Gardens home.

One of the best snorkelling sites we have The Gardens provides the snorkeller with a true sense of wilderness and adventure. From the reef flat to the edge of the back reef sand cliff this site is at once, amazing, beautiful and stunning. 

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Site Maps #12

The Gardens

Site #12 - Marine Life

  • Parrotfish
  • Goatfish
  • Milkfish
  • Feather Stars
  • Boulder Corals

(We have listed the marine life most likely encountered at this site as a guide only)

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