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#02 Three Sisters

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Agincourt Reef 4 - Site 02:
Maximum 20 metres
Garden Reef dive
Novice to Intermediate
10 - 30 metres, Average 15m
Anemones and their resident Clown fish.

This site was named such due to the presence of 3 deep water pinnacles located on the sheltered side of a patch reef located along the inner edge of Agincourt reef # 4. Visibility here is rarely less than good. Grey reef sharks are almost always seen as divers enter the water. Divers have several options at this site:

Option 1: Is a deeper dive that focuses on the pinnacles. Here the divers are able to explore several narrow canyons that exist between the Sisters where several medium to large Cod, Coral Trout, Red Bass and Sweetlips may be found. Queensland Grouper have been seen in this area.

Located away from the reef edge the Sisters are exposed to light but steady currents that attract swarms of Anthias, that we consider, are some of the reefs most colourful fish, along with dense schools of Fusiliers. This current also sees many Feather Starfish and other colourful filter feeders such as the red, white and blue Sea Apple, a type of sessile sea cucumbers. A number of Sea Anemones and their resident Clown fish can also be found. Grey reef sharks are commonly observed throughout the dive.

Option 2: Is a shallow dive through the coral gardens of the sheltered side of the patch reef. The coral community here consists of a complex community of colourful branching, shrub, and plate corals and includes several large boulder corals, 300yrs plus in age. Several Giant clams approaching their maximum size can be found in this area. The fish community here is dominated by colourful reef fish species of small and medium sizes. Excellent site to find a diverse range of Butterfly fish, colorful Wrasse and Parrot fish species. Anemones and their resident Clown fish are a feature of this area. This is also a fantastic snorkeling environment with access to the extreme shallows of the reef flat. Here snorkelers can find themselves within an arms length of mature giant clams.

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Site Maps #02

Three Sisters

Site #02 - Marine Life

  • ReefSharks
  • Grouper
  • Anthias
  • Anemones
  • FeatherStarfish
  • Sweetlip
  • ButterflyFish
  • BoulderCorals

(We have listed the marine life most likely encountered at this site as a guide only)

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